Saturday, June 25, 2011


Day 141 - Sarah Donner

Quote from Amanda Duncan on Flickr...
"Everyone meet Sarah Donner! I've been friends with Sarah Donner for years and you should be friends with her, too! Playing percussion is her musical partner in crime, Brad Sicotte (who is super nice!). Sarah is one of the hardest working indie artists that I know. She has 3 full albums and a handful of holiday EPs...and she has done it all on her own within a few years. Crazy! I admire her for her drive and how she executes all of the things she sets out to do. Not to mention she has always had great style and amazing hair.

One of her coolest accomplishments (at least in my mind) is being the founder of "Indie Music Night" which is held in a little pavilion in Princeton, NJ. This is a music series that has developed a following over the years. Sarah selects a line up of artists to perform. I'm one of the lucky ones who has been performing at Indie Music Night once a year since it first started. For the first few years people literally had to go to the bathroom in an outhouse that had a creepy red light in it. Haha! Sarah was able to help raise enough money to install real modern day bathroom. Again, she is awesome.

So, yes, if you are still reading by this point please check out Sarah's music at She is clever, witty and you will feel happy while listening."

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